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Title: Arm Wrestling an Iraqi Soldier

Category: War Videos

Views: 2974

When the US troops get some downtime in Iraq, they enjoy some favorite pastimes, like arm wrestling their Iraqi soldier friends.

Title: Soldiers, playing if If I had a Hammer

Category: War Videos

Views: 2734

Soldiers taking turns smacking each other in the helmets with a hammer.

Title: Ricochet Cal Near Hit

Category: War Videos

Views: 2852

A guy shooting what looks like a Barrett .50 catches a ricochet in his hearing protection.

Title: Predator Attack

Category: War Videos

Views: 4821

Insurgents attack a Predator and miss, but it doesn't when it retaliates.

Title: F-35 Test

Category: War Videos

Views: 2848

Footage of an F-35 test in operation.